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Outline of Prefectural Strengths

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A large variety of oaks, evergreens, laurels and camphors adorn the area, giving it a feel not reminiscent of Japan. The warm climate leads to a tranquil environment immersed in greenery.

Miyazaki is a relaxing area where people and houses are at one with the surrounding trees and forests.

Miyazaki Prefecture has been voted the most gLivable areah in Japan

Jiji Press: FY2004 gPublic opinions on lifestyle and the environmenth

The numbers say it all; in Miyazaki you can live freely and easily
(1) Consumer Price Index (2010) LOWEST in Japan
(2) Average Commute (2008) SHORTEST in Japan
(3) Average Construction Cost (2010) CHEAPEST in Japan
(4) Ratio of Park area per person (2010) 2nd HIGHEST in Japan
(5) Ratio of Nursery schools per 100,000 preschoolers
@from 0 to 5 years old (2009)
4th HIGHEST in Japan
(6) Ratio of Supermarkets per 100,000 people (2008) 7th HIGHEST in Japan
(7) Ratio of Hospitals per 100,000 people (2007) 6th HIGHEST in Japan
(8) Average Land Cost (Commercial Area) (2011) 7th CHEAPEST in Japan

A leisurely living environment and low prices for a comfortable lifestyle
Prices of goods and land in Miyazaki are clearly cheaper than those in other areas of Japan.
Urban development for an outstanding living environment is well under way, leading to a comfortable lifestyle.

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