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The population of Miyazaki Prefecture is 1.131 million people (2010 census), approximately 1% of the population of Japan.
>> The latest estimates of population and household numbers

The total land area of the prefecture is 7,735 km2, approximately 2% of the land area of Japan.
Of this area, forests comprise 75.9% (5,874 km2) and agriculture 9.2% (709 km2).

Miyazaki is blessed with a superb natural environment, having a high average temperature and warm climate, with the higher rank in hours of sunshine and in number of clear days in Japan.
Rainfall levels are also high, leading to the abundance of high quality water that is so vital as a development resource.

Number of clear days
53 days (No. 2 in Japan)
Daylight hours 2,116 hours (No. 3 in Japan)
Average temperature 17.4 C (No. 3 in Japan)
Rainfall 2,509mm (No. 2 in Japan)

Natural environment
The area of natural parks is 91,784 ha, or 11.9% of land in the prefecture.
Miyazaki was the first prefecture to pass ordinances regarding beautification of roadside landscapes and actively implements plans to protect and beautify natural parks, roadside landscapes and town areas.
On September 11th,2009,Aya,which is known for having the largest laurel forest in Japan, was registered by UNESCO (United Nations Educational,Scientific, and Cultural Oranization) as the Aya UNESCO Eco Park.

National Parks 1 park
12,871 ha
Quasi-national Parks 4 parks
31,968 ha
(Nichinan Coastline, Sobokatamuki, Nippo Coastline, Kyushu Central Mountain Range)
Prefectural Designation Prefectural National Parks 6 parks
46,945 ha
(Osuzu, Saitobaru-sugiyasukyou, Mochio-sekinoo Wanitsuka, Yatake-kougen, Sobokatamuki)
Nature Conservation Area 2 areas
184 ha
(Kashiba, North Kamondake)
Green Conservation Area 4 areas
21 ha
(Moriya-kannon, Oserino Waterfall, Sannomiya-kyou, Hase-kannon)
Roadside Natural Landscape 18 areas, 1,026 ha
Roadside Landscape
81 areas, 186 km

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